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Alondra joined NPR's Tell Me More to discuss the FBI's new designation for former Black Panther Party member Assata Shakur.

Alondra discussed health inequality and patient advocacy on MSNBC

Alondra speaks with senior executive producer Peter Slen about Body and Soul.

The Black Panthers Versus the Medical Industry
An interview with the Boston Review's Gina Mitchell

Helen Epstein gives BODY AND SOUL a positive mention in her discussion of the controversy over lead poisoning

Alondra discussed Body and Soul on The Michael Eric Dyson Show on January 3, 2012.

The Side of the Black Panthers That's Been Virtually Ignored: Health Care--Interview with Alondra Nelson | AlterNet

New Book Highlights Black Panther Party’s Radical Healthcare Activism | BET

Black Panthers: Activists for Health Communities

"Race and health in post Civil Rights America":
An interview with Books and Ideas' Pauline Peretz.
Also available in a French translation.

Alondra contextualized Chicago community activists' efforts to keep open a local trauma center within the longer history of African American healthcare advocacy

Body and Soul mentioned on the Huffington Post

Medical Self Defense& the Black Panther Party | IndyMedia

The Marc Steiner Show | WEAA

Alondra discusses Body and Soul with Professor Mark Anthony Neal on "Left of Black"

Real Health Magazine calls BODY AND SOUL "a history book for the future"

"On the Black Panther Party’s Free Clothing Program: Q&A with
Alondra Nelson"

Uprising Radio's Sonali Kolhatkar interviewed Alondra about the Black Panther Party's health activism [audio] [video]

Alondra was recently interviewed by Barry Vogel, host of the long-running Radio Curious show

Alondra recently spoke with KPFT's Ernesto Aguilar about BODY and SOUL and the Occupy movement [audio]

Alondra spoke about Body and Soul with KPFA's Africa Today and Hard Knock Radio

The Public Archive's Favorite Books of 2011
Black Radical Reading

BODY AND SOUL featured in Northern California's The Hub Magazine (PDF)

Alondra Nelson on the Panthers, Medical Discrimination and Health Care | Urban Cusp

Block Report Radio's JR Valery spoke with Alondra recently about the history of the Black Panthers' health activism

Alondra speaks about Body and Soul and health care reform on "The David Pakman Show" [video]

In this short radio interview Alondra discusses BODY AND SOUL with Michael Boyajian of WUSB/Stony Brook University Radio.

A news story about Alondra's lecture at the Center for Medicine, Health and Society at Vanderbilt University.